Aiptek 3D HD camcorder: 3D technology gets up close and personal

Once upon a time 3D in the home was an outlandish and fantastical idea best suited for the year 3000.

The popularity of 3D cinema however, with the likes of Avatar mopping up billions of dollars, has led to 3D television in the home – meaning that you can now get freaked out when things jump at you in the safety of your own home where no-one is looking at you.


The next step in 3D domination – and perhaps the most natural next step – is 3D home video and photography. The Aiptek 3D HD camcorder does exactly this, and you can pick up one for £199.99 from

To take three dimensional video and images it uses two lenses, making it look like a not-quite-so-cute version of Wall-E, eyes ‘n’ all. Most conveniently, this snugly sized camcorder has an integrated display with on board 3D filter, meaning you don’t have to look silly with special eyewear to watch back your videos and photos.

The screen is only sized at a tiny 2.4” inches however, so luckily you can avoid eye strains and hook it up to your 3D TV, or, if you haven’t shelled out on a three dimensional TV yet, a 2D one – but you’ll need to wear 3D glasses (included with the camera – how nice.) You can keep the glasses on and upload to YouTube 3D too, meaning that you can show off to the world instead of just your easily amused friends. And it’s all in HD too, a definite plus-point.

We’re told it can also take 2D video and images – but do people care? The novelty factor of this piece of gadgetry is huge, so, ignoring a possibly short shelf-life and an undersized display screen, this Aiptek camcorder is a welcome addition to the 3D family.