Revolutions in radio technology: PURE Flowsongs and Logitech Squeezebox

Since its beginnings in the early 1800s, radio has been one of the more important technological devices. From helping keep soldiers’ morale up in World War Two, to keeping emergency services in contact with one another, radio, for decades, has provided societies with simple yet accurate communication and entertainment.

In recent years, radio has made prolific advancements, so much so that there is no way of telling where radio technology will lead to next. Latestgadgets looks at the best in contemporary radio technology.


FlowSongs, a unique cloud-based music service, by PURE
When it comes to innovation in the world of music and radio, the world-leading radio makers PURE, may well have embarked on something major, with the creation of FlowSongs. The first of a range of new services that will be available to Pure’s internet-connected digital radios, FlowSongs enables users to tag tracks playing on any music station and purchase them directly from any PURE radio with Flow technology built in. How? We ask. Users have to register their Flow radio on The Lounge and open an account. They can then purchase tracks, which are individually priced, usually between 79p and 1.49, which are then stored in their Lounge account and can be streamed from any PURE radio with Flow technology.

With this ground-breaking technology the days of listening to a song on the radio and wishing you owned it may be over. As Will Page, chief economist at PRS for Music commented about FlowSongs, “You hear it, like it, and now you can buy it.”

Logitech Squeezebox Radio
With 802.11g of wireless tech squeezed into its compact body, the Logitech Squeezebox Radio is surely worthy of being mentioned on a best of radio feature. Providing an infinite musical playlist, the Logitech Squeezebox is completely indiscriminating of musical styles and tastes.

Whether your penchant is ripping tracks from your own CDs, or buying music from online services, this dandy device allows you to browse, organise and play an unbounded digital music collection.

And that’s just for starters. From talk radio, mainstream pop to the unconventional and underground, you can literally listen to thousands of free internet radio stations with the Squeezebox. You can also hook the Squeezebox up to an MP3 player and will support just about any format available, including AAC, FLAC, WAV and Lossless – quite a performance for something so compact.

PURE Sensia Radio – Putting radio in touch with social media
You either love it or hate, but you’ve got to admit, one of the biggest technological advances of the 21st century is the rise of social media. You’ve also got to hand it to PURE – as once again the British company is holding the fort in pioneering radio technology – with the launching of the Sensia.

The Sensia not only brings social media to radio but also touchscreen, boasting a 5.7 inch colour touchscreen interface that enables users to access social networking sites. Sensia, which has an distinctive egg-shape resemblance, has two 30 watts speakers, connects to thousands of internet radio stations, runs PURE’s Lounge internet radio, enables users to view photos on Gogle’s picture sharing service Picassa and sports a Facebook and Twitter app.

On top of FM, DAB and internet radio and media streaming, users can connect the Sensia into an iPod, MP3, CD, or MiniDisk player – radio surely at its most revolutionary.