Pump up the volume with the best iPod docks around

As ghetto blasters and stereo players are being rapidly ditched for iPods and iPhones, with their aesthetical attributes and sound clarity, iPod docks are becoming quite competitive in the world of gadgets. Latest Gadgets looks at five of the best of these musical pedestals, which have become an important fixture in many a home.


Philips Fidelio DS900
Built out of natural wood and with a back curved for better sound, Philips Fidelio DS900 is a striking looking iPod dock, which produces equally as striking sound. Compared to conventional analogue audio processing technology, the Fidelio DS900 uses Advanced PureDigital sound, which provides for a vastly superior sound. Its smooth edges and precisely tuned bass pipes produce an authentic and quality sound reproduction. Possessing a proximity sensor to activate backlit control panel and with a Fidelio iPhone/iPod app available to ‘tweak’ the sound, the Phillips Fidelio DS900 can only be described as the crème-de-la-crème of iPod docks. Although at £399, it is likely only the more ‘well heeled’ of music lovers will be able to enjoy the many qualities this top-notch device has to offer.

Intempo Arena iPod Speaker Dock
Whilst it might not be quite as visually stunning as the Fidelio DS900, the Arena iPod Speaker Dock has a much more realistic price tag of £69.99 and comes fully equipped with innovative features and technology. Touch screen technology has now moved into the realms of iPod docks, as the Arena has a fabulous touch screen. With powerful, 12 watt speakers, FM radio with digital tuner, a fully functional remote control, contained within a sleek and compact design, the Intempo Arena iPod Speaker Dock is a realistic and well-relished accompaniment for any party.

iLuv iMM190 Alarm Dock
A small circular dock, large enough to accommodate your iPhone in landscape or portrait orientation, the best feature of the iLuv dock is the free Alarm Clock app that comes with it, transforming your phone into an old school clock display with additional weather information. And of course you can run your regular apps, even routing the mic through the one built-in to the dock for VoIP apps such as Skype. It’s also pretty reasonably priced at approximately £70.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2
Priced at a mid of the range £137 (approximately), the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 (pictured) certainly lives up to its name, as perhaps its greatest asset, is that being highly compact, you can take this iPod speaker dock quite literally anywhere. Combining 5.1 cm and 7.6cm pressure drivers, the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 creates crystal-clear sound and a surprisingly deep bass.

Fidek iBigBoy 2
A million miles from the graceful and elegant qualities of most modern music docking systems, the Fidek iBigBoy 2 will not slot neatly beside the television and, as the name suggests, means business. This sizeable unit weighs over 24 kg and has a maximum power of 500W. Like many of its smaller counterparts, the Fidek iBigBoy 2 really delivers on sound quality. Although despite its hefty size and weight and a volume reaching heights that could potentially cause the neighbourhood to come to blows, its light, touch sensitive buttons, polished piano black finish and black wood front facia finish, means the Fidek iBigBoy 2 is much more attractive than it first sounds. Although for those serious about purchasing the iBigBoy 2, volume, not aesthetics, is likely to be the main attraction. This big boy will however set you back a hefty £399.