A bona fide experience! – Five of the best interactive gadgets

I am still recovering from a “Wii” party I went to this weekend, where a dozen or so tipsy women battled it out on the virtual ‘hula hoop’, becoming more and more determined to win after each glass of wine. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.

Interactive gaming, whether it be playing golf virtually or pretending to shoot flying ducks, has really exploded in recent years, supplanting traditional joy sticks and steering wheels with greater realism, depth and interaction. Latestgadgets takes a look at five diverse interactive gaming gadgets…


SlouchPod Interactive Gaming Chair
Resembling an up-market synthetic leather bean bag, but at a closer inspection, the speakers, control panel, headphone jacks, sockets, and digital display panel, enables you to justifiably conclude that this chair is designed for more than just sitting on. And the SlouchPod certainly is a ‘multi-media chair’, hooking you up to your favourite gadgets, including DVD players, iPods, MP3s and CD players. But where the SlouchPod really triumphs, is when it is appended to a games console. As it is then that the chair really jumps into life, providing surround sound so amplified, it can fill you with a sense of paranoia. The SlouchPod Interactive Gaming Chair really does blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

The Interactive Duck Hunter Game
Duck Hunt is one of those fondly remembered gaming classics and fortunately for Duck Hunt enthusiasts, a more interactive version of the classic has been invented. Coming equipped with a toy duck, which, with state of the art micro flight technology flies around flapping its wings, and an infrared shooter, you can throw, toss and sling the poor bird anywhere, then aim and shoot. And by incorporating realistic loading and shooting sound effects, the Interactive Duck Hunter Game truly brings hunting indoors.

Skeet Shooter
Interactive Toy Concepts Ltd must have been particularly proud of their Skeet Shooter toy; designed to enable the game to be played indoors, as it was displayed at CES 2010. The device launches three plastic discs, which players then have to hit with an infrared gun. The discs, when hit, split apart but can be rebuilt for endless rounds of skeet shooting.

Kinect for XBOX 360
Kinect for XBOX 360, with its ability to detect full body motion via its 3D movement capability and voice recognition ability, designed to immerse players into video gaming, could possibly de described as the ultimate interactive gaming experience. Many users insist that Kinect has supremacy over Wii in the interactive gaming field.

Phillips amBX Advanced Interactive Gaming Lighting System
Using some 16 million colours and amBX peripherals, this advanced lighting system takes video games beyond the screen and intensifies the whole gaming experience. But the Phillips amBX Advanced Interactive Gaming Lighting System goes beyond games, as it responds to music and if plugged into a music system, cascades a spectacular display of light into the room – distorting the fringes between sound and vision.