CES 2015 Video: SleepPhones Bluetooth speaker headband


One of the more quirky gadgets on show at CES is the SleepPhones headband. This headband has Bluetooth speakers built-in, for music during sleep or after washing your hair. The headband has medical approval – it’s developed by a family doctor – is washable, and can go a full 8-12 hours without needing a recharge. It can also be recharged by USB or wireless power block. SleepPhones describe the product as ‘Pajamas for your ears’ and they could be the perfect gadget for anyone who enjoy’s listening to music while they sleep, but cannot stand having headphones on all night.

SleepPhones are available now for £29.99 for the classic version, or go wireless for £69.99. Visit SleepPhones to find out more.