Humax STA-1200 BSW: The “world slimmest soundbar”


Humax, a UK provider of specialist digital set-top boxes, has entered the audio market, launching what the company claims to be the “world’s slimmest” soundbar. The STA-1200 BSW is a compact and stylish soundbar, which, according to the Humax press release, is packed with incredible audio.

Despite being just 20mm thick, the STA-1200 BSW blasts out 80W of sound from a total of four front speakers. The ultra-thin soundbar comes with a separate 100W passive subwoofer, which has a built-in Bass Enhancer. As well as penetrating deep tones throughout a room through the Bass Enhancer, Humax also draws our attention to the wide spatial sound the STA-1200 BSW produces for a “powerful cinema effect”.

Coming with wall mounting brackets and a shelf stand there’s no excuse not to put the soundbar in a prime position on the wall. Set up, the company promises, is easy. Multiple inputs, including AUX, SPDIF and Bluetooth, mean you will be able to connect the STA-1200 BSW to various devices.

As well as improving the sound on your TV, the STA-1200 BSW can be connected to music devices and used to enhance the sound. The connection can be made via either a 3.5mm audio headphone jack socket or Bluetooth. As Pocket-Lint points out this means “Streaming music from a mobile, tablet or laptop should be straightforward.”

Whilst none of the tech press has yet to have the pleasure of reviewing the STA-1200 BSW, there has been a fair amount of interest generated from Humax’s new product. Pretty much all of the credible technology publications have made reference to the STA-1200 BSW and were keen to include the comments of Graham North, commercial director at Humax.

“Humax has a proven capability in delivering feature-rich digital home products and we have applied that technical expertise to the audio market, with a high performance product that delivers powerful sound into the living room for a highly competitive price,” said North.

The STA-1200 BSW soundbar is priced at £199 and was released on May 1.

If you’ve not heard of Humax, they’re the guys and gals responsible for bringing us Freesat and Freeview set top boxes. The brand’s venture into the audio market should be interesting to review. Though having entered audio with the “world’s slimmest soundbar”, Humax has seemed to have got off to a good start and their audio ventures look promising.