Samsung’s S9C (Curved OLED TV) Gets UK Launch


Looks like a 55” Pringle, actually a telly. Say hello to the Samsung S9C.

The brand’s first ever curved OLED TV – and the world’s second ever curved OLED set, following LG’s 55EA980V – the S9C is already available in Korea, parts of Europe and the US. From September 5th, it will be available in the UK.

Perhaps the largest TV-shape revolution since widescreens emerged 15 years ago, the curved design takes the lead from IMAX technologies. Mirroring the natural curvature of your eye, the idea is the screen creates more depth, allowing for a more immersive, cinematic experience. Close your eyes and you can smell the popcorn. No wait, don’t close your eyes… You’re watching the TV.

Of course it’s not just about the striking design and screen shape, the S9C has loads to boast about… Being OLED, the pixels are self-emitting. There’s no need for backlighting or colour filters and the screen’s contrast ratio is top of the range, creating more true-to-life colouring and allowing absolute blacks to grace our screen for the first time (unless you have one of the aforementioned LG 55EA980Vs of course).

There’s more; the S9C is the very first TV to offer Multi View functionality. Ever been frustrated with your partner’s viewing choice and don’t want to wait to watch your chosen show or film later? Then you’re in luck; the 55” screen can be split to show two full HD screens!

Sound clash not included; just don the 3D glasses… They come complete with full stereo speakers, allowing you to tune into your own chosen content (3D or conventional HD) and completely ignore the viewer sitting beside you.

Naturally with this type of functionality the S9C is full smart-enabled with categories for on demand programs, movies, social networks, applications, photos, videos and music. There’s also a platform for hard and software updates. What’s most interesting about the smart functions is Samsung’s own S Recommendation feature. Exploring your viewing data, it makes suggestions on other content that suits your tastes and habits.

Samsung haven’t given any prices with their announcement but, based on prices elsewhere in the world, the S9C is rumoured to go for about £6500-7000. Steep? Possibly, but not over the top considering the technology at play, plus that it’s almost £1000 cheaper than its LG competitor.

Whether the curved revolution will truly take over the TV world remains to be seen; certain tech commentators have been quick to call the shape ‘gimmicky’ and have highlighted the fact that if you’re not sat directly in front of the screen the curve will actually detract from the experience. But at a cool 55” inches, there’s plenty of space to fit all of my family. And two screens to keep us happy, too.