5 Top Money Management Apps for 2013


Despite the seemingly unshakable dismal economic landscape, high levels of unemployment and stores crumbling into administration all around us, young people are managing to cut back on credit card debt and are actually saving more than ever, apparently. What is the reason for the renewed sense of financial responsibility amidst such a fragile financial climate? – Money management apps of course!

As 2013 has been marked by many as the year for money resolutions, a growing number of apps dedicated at bringing a financial adviser into our pockets are emerging – Check out the top five.

With more than 10 million users, we cannot deny that there is a niche for Simply open a free account, add your bank account(s), loans, credit cards, etc., and Mint categorises your transactions and provides you with a personal budgeting feature that is based on your spending patterns and incomings.

What’s more, Mint’s free – Who needs to pay an overpriced and under worked financial adviser when they’ve got

Adaptu Wallet

Doing a similar job to Mint, namely tracking and categorising incomings and outgoings, Adaptu Wallet is a comprehensive money management app with the added advantage of enabling you to store everything in your wallet by taking a picture of it on your phone – Digital wallet technology at its most discerning.

You can download Adaptu Wallet for free onto an Android device here


Loaded with the logo, ‘Money Management Made Fun,’ MoneyStrands tracks every last penny of your spending habits with user-friendly features such as pie charts so that you can actually visualise your spending habits.

A My Budgets page enables you to set up budgets according to specific needs and see instantly if you have gone over budget – With money management technology this advanced, it’s no wonder the traditionally financially irresponsible are becoming infinitely more financially responsible.

Again, MoneyStrands is free to download.

Spend Lite

Spend Lite is the free version of its more powerful budgeting app sibling, Spend, and let’s be honest when it comes to budgeting our money we don’t want to have to pay for the privilege, do we?

Part of Spend Lite’s appeal is its simplicity, which basically deducts the amount you set for expenses for either a daily or weekly budget and keeps track of deposits.

Great for simple budgets, but not so good, perhaps, for more complicated budgets such as working out tax and tracing interest.

Spend Lite is free and can be downloaded here

ReadyFor Zero

Transgressing from out of the monetary red and into the green is a priority of us all and one that is made considerably more achievable with ReadyForZero.

This helpful money management app assists you in creating a debt-repayment plan that manages student loans, credit cards and mortgage repayments. In fact, so successful has ReadyForZero been in the dominions of money management, that it claims to have helped users pay off more than $32 million in outstanding debt.

You can sign up for ReadyFor Zero free here.


Image courtesy of Flickr user auntjojo