FooTalk: Affordable, yet reliable smartphone calling app

It’s good talk. But the widening nature of our personal networks means that your three best friends no longer have to life three doors down from you. I’m not exactly an international man of mystery but I’ve managed to pick up friends in Australia, China, Brazil and … well a lot of places. And that makes it a bit harder to pick up the phone for a quick chinwag.


A new calling app FooTalk has launched and is hoping to make international calling from your smartphone cheap and easy.

FooTalk available for iOS and Android allows customers to make free calls to friends and family (or people you don’t like) who also have the FooTalk app, anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G mobile data services. Well provided you have an unlimited plan. Mobile data is no longer the bountiful resource it used to be and is something to bear in mind with apps such as this. Fortunately Wi-Fi hotspots are flourishing and LTE carriers should hopefully be a bit more liberal with their data plans.

“We know that people are travelling the world more than ever and international borders are no longer a barrier to staying in touch. However soaring call rates, inaccessibility and the complexity of alternative calling services are.”

Graeme Hutchinson, former sales and marketing chief, founding management team member of Virgin Mobile and co-founder of FooTalk

But app-to-app calling is nothing new. I just Vibered a friend in Melbourne (this sounds a little rude … And it was. He’s a very vulgar man). FooTalk also allows users to call any number in the world at extremely low rates and make a point of noting that they are significantly lower than other alternative calling services like Skype.

They also claim to have an edge on quality. I’ve long joked that the first words on any Skype conversation are normally “can you hear me?” FooTalk has a patent-pending “Discovery” service is designed to ensure a more reliable connection, which more than the cost saving, makes it worth checking out. Sadly it doesn’t store your contacts in a Dave Grohl-adex but you can’t have everything.

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