Air Copy: Wireless Scanner for all tablets and smartphones

“iPad’s are just for consumption” is one of the more tiresome and persistent “trolling” remarks that was unleashed on Apple’s tablet when it was released in 2010. Well that and it’s lack of support for Flash but those remarks seem to have calmed down for some mysterious reason. But iPads – and tablets in general – are not the new netbooks i.e., terrible, underpowered devices that force injurious comprise on the user. Whilst tablets do require you to adjust the way you work, it’s often for the better (I have a bucket full of USB keys that receive little or no love since DropBox came into my life). And 10 hours of battery from a lightweight, instant-on computer is always good in my book. It even has Final Draft now and can be used to make music, movies and images. And even regular office work.


ION don’t just make fun toys like dance mats and guitar controllers. They also want to update your mobile office and road warriors will be pleased to see Air Copy – a wireless scanner for tablets and smartphones – pretty much all of them.

Air Copy offers ultra-portable high-res tablet scanning in a compact wireless design – just what you’ve always wanted right? Air Copy is pretty sleek and compact enough to fit in a messenger bag, old-fashioned briefcase or backpack. Air Copy offers high-resolution 300 DPI scanning and gets to work in seconds (I know that this is ambigious as 5 weeks is also measurable in “seconds” … but it’s fast is what I mean). Air Copy is works with any document or photo – up to size A4- and pops them directly into your iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows-based tablets, or old-fashioned laptop computers.

“The range of devices Air Copy is compatible with is one of its most powerful features. It’s a truly flexible scanner, whether you’re using it at home or on the go.”

Wendy Fortin, ION Product Manager

Rather than relying on Bluetooth, Air Copy generates its own WiFi network, so you can connect *anywhere* without needing to be near a home or office’s WiFi network. Air Copy’s free scanning app allows for viewing the scan in real-time on the tablet or smartphone’s screen.

Pricing and avaliablity TBC but for more information, visit Ion Audio.