YPlan: Do something different tonight

“What are you up to tonight?”
That can be a difficult question at any time of year, but trapped in the hinterland between Christmas and New Year it can be especially difficult to answer. There are those of us that run their social lives with military precision, carefully co-ordinating between engagements, gigs, performances and so forth. If you prefer to embrace chaos, or simply want to revitalise your free time then there’s a great new app that wants to help you hang out – YPlan.


YPlan is a social iPhone app that benefits from attention to detail and laser-like focus. Firing it up reveals a series of last-minute London offers. Already some of your faces are wrinkling in total disinterest. “iPhone“ and “London” are already two self-interested groupings and the overlap between the two is potentially unbearable. However the app is interesting beyond its immediate target group.

YPlan’s curators work with a range of event organisers. Apparently very few events sell out so there are always a number of interesting last minute ticket deals available. YPlan are able to use their highly marketable target demographic – iPhone users in London – to wangle a number of discounts. The app is very much a curated list – rather than “something for everyone” there are 7/8 events given the special YPlan stamp of approval. They tend to focus on the cool and unusual – you don’t need to be told that Les Mis is playing in town – but you might not know about the pop up screening of Elf, independent production of Much Ado About Nothing or Rickshaw Racing Derby. You can book simply and easily from within the app with two taps and easily choose various events to share or favourite. Best of all there are no hidden charges.

YPlan’s focus makes it fun; the random nature of events presented gives a lovely “rolling the die” feeling and the app is beautifully designed in a way more apps should take note of. Nothing needs explaining, it can easily navigated and you never have to go too deep into the menu system to get what you want. It even tells me how long it takes to walk where I want to go.

Even if you don’t live in London (more cities are promised) it’s worth checking out YPlan for a glimpse at the future of going out. Out now on the App Store.