Sara’s Cooking Class app review

Cooking is big news at the moment – witness the popularity of TV shows such as the Great British Bake Off and the various incarnations of Masterchef. And this interest in all thing culinary is not just confined to grown-ups, kids are getting in on the act too – Junior Masterchef has just started a new series on TV, and the shops are full of gadgets and gizmos to get children cooking this Christmas.

So it’s no surprise that the makers of Girlsgogames, an online social-gaming platform for girls, have just launched a cooking app.


The app features the most popular character on the site, a friendly cartoon chef called Sara, and Sara’s Cooking Class is aimed at girls (and boys too if they want) aged from around six to 12, to enjoy ‘cooking’ in a virtual world, helped along by Sara.

The roleplay app encourages girls to try out recipes such as red velvet cake, pizza and sushi – Sara helps them along and they gain points as they complete the recipes against the kitchen timer.

Latest Gadgets caught up with Dieneke Kuijpers, marketing director of GirlsgoGames, just before the launch. ‘We’ve talked to girls in the UK, US and Holland, and we have found that they all want to pretend they are older and they want to copy their mums. The good thing about gaming is that these things don’t always work in real life, and your recipe doesn’t always come out as you expect, but in the virtual world you can always succeed. And girls love to succeed and get praise from Sara when they get it right.’

‘This provides a safe environment for role play and it gives them control’

The developers also spoke to mums about the app: ‘They told us it was really important to stay in touch with their daughters, if they were playing on screens, and this cooking game was a real favourite as they could play it together. And once the recipe is finished the girls will often say, can we try this at home – so it takes their skills into the real world and offers a bonding experience for the mums and daughters. I even spoke to a dad who said that because of the game they’d made pizza at home for the first time,’ explained Dieneke.

Sara’s Cooking Class app is launched today, Thursday November 8 both as a lite (free) version, and as a full (premium) version with additional features. It is available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.