MFlow – where iTunes and Twitter meet

MFlow is a new music sharing service due to launch on the 15th April. Billed as ‘iTunes meets Twitter’, the service allows users to share music they like using ‘flows’. Like the social networking site, you can ‘follow’ your friends, as well as some British celebrities and DJs, who have already signed up before its launch.


Just like Twitter, your updates (or ‘flows’) appear in your friends’ feeds, and theirs in yours. However, instead of the usual ‘OMG I just burnt my toast’ or ‘did you see what so and so was wearing on the X Factor last night?’ Twitter updates, you ‘reflow’ songs you like, which your friends then get a chance to sample. So far, it’s an interesting idea, but that alone isn’t enough to separate it from already established competitors like Spotify. What really gives this service the edge is its rewards system.

Users can purchase single tracks or albums from the application for around the same price as music on iTunes, Amazon and HMV. Once downloaded, songs are even compatible with the iTunes and can be played on iPods and other MP3 players. If a friend likes a track you have recommended, they can also pay to download it, at which point you get 20% of the track or album cost credited to your account. Basically, the more music you can persuade people to buy, the more music you’ll have; it’s a win-win situation

Although the system is currently in private BETA mode, it will be opened up to the public on 15th April, offering over 1 million tracks and around 70% of the music bought in the UK on a weekly basis. As well as individual users, big music names like NME and Clash have profiles and share music recommendations.

MFlow works like any other music download application. It has an accessible search function and the ‘reflow’ format will be easily recognised by anyone who has used Twitter. Currently, MFlow doesn’t offer the music selection of other downloading websites and, although you can hear 30 second previews of most tracks, some are billed as ‘album only’ and can’t be bought separately or listened to beforehand.

Having said that, MFlow is an original service that could potentially change the way people download legally online. Offering more incentives than traditional downloading software such as iTunes, it not only provides users with a way to share music but also to connect with their favourite artists.


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