Best Halloween Apps & Gadgets

It’s handy that someone invented Hallowe’en to fill that awkward gap between the end of the school holidays and Christmas – and if you want to get a few chills and thrills before the festive season here’s a few ideas for you.

For grown-ups
If you want to be able to find your iPhone 4S in the dark, then pick up one of these glow-in-the-dark cases from iLuv. Black and yellow would be my colour of choice for the spooky holiday, but you can also choose white and yellow or pink and blue. Made from silicone, they cost £19.99 from They are currently on sale with 75% off so they can be picked up for just £5 for a limited time only!

While you’re at it, upgrade your boring old white earphones with a range of gothic-inspired earphones from Quarkie. Choose from rusty bolts, glittery blue cat eyes and vibrant yellow snake heads – more interesting than a witch’s hat or vampire teeth!
There are seven designs in all, and Quarkie has promised that it has paid as much attention to ensuring the sound is high quality as it has to making the designs as unusual as possible.

Quarkie’s Audio Art range cost £69 each from

Or make your own spooky thriller movie trailer featuring your Facebook friends at

For kids

If you’re taking the kids to see the film ParaNorman over half term, they might be interested in the new games Spil Games has produced in conjunction with the film at

The web app, which can be accessed via iPad and iTouch as well as other mobiles, features a number of Halloween-themed games – the top-rated of them is ‘Devilish Dress Up’, which lets players experiment with different Halloween costumes (Search ‘Devilish Dress Up’ on

Online, from the ParaNorman collection, ‘Mix a Monster’ is particularly good fun – players combine ingredients in the magic cauldron to create terrifying monsters:

Young children will enjoy searching for Nicky the friendly ghost using a ghost-shaped UV torch in the cute book Ghost Hunter. Nicky is hiding in 11 exciting scenes – and the torch reveals him and the other invisible ghouls lurking on each page.

It’s a cute book, with a nice story with a moral ending, and the added attraction is that UBV torch, which may attract children who are not so keen on books. It certainly worked on the six-year-old reluctant reader in our house. Available from Top Hat Publishing and it costs just £7.19.


..and for big kids!

Halloween – 12 Tricks or Treats lets Android and iOS users celebrate the haunted holiday early by recommending the best and most chilling paid for Halloween-themed games – for free.

Launching on October 19, a new free game will be delivered through the app every day until Halloween. The app is the brainchild of MagicSolver, and the company tells us it has assembled an expert editorial team to search the app stores to find the best and most chilling games available, so Android and iOS fans don’t have to. Expect spine-chilling animations, hair-raising graphics and creepy sound effects

Halloween – 12 Tricks or Treats is free to download from Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play.

If you like your Halloween monsters a bit cuddly, take a look at these Annoying Monsters. Scare and annoy colleagues and friends with these monsters and their loud screams! Choose from Pestering Percy who makes everyone jump out of their seats, Aggravating Alfred who loves to scream – and loves to be poked in the eye – try it, he’ll give you the shock of your life.

Finally there’s Infuriating Egor, If you leave him too long he’ll start to snore. Press his hand to record a spooky message and he’ll repeat it in a squeaky Each large monster costs £15 – see for more.