You’ve made my Fitlist! Reebok and Spotify team up

If you move, or more specifically work out to the beat of a different drum then you might find music to be an essential work out companion. However if your local gym is anything like mine you may have to endure the endless repetition of the hit parade (my gym plays a lot of Chris Brown).


Reebok have teamed up with Spotify to save your ears via a cool new app called FitList. Fitlist creates bespoke playlists which match perfectly to your workout. Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 is an amazing Aphex Twin album but it’s not the best way to crunch your abs (then again for a stretch or cool down session it’s pretty great). If you waste a lot of time trying to work out what to listen to then the app is a godsend, boosting your workout by matching songs and artists based on your music tastes/likes and the workout you are going to do.

If you get easily bored, then I have no idea how you’ve made it this far through this article. But this app might at least invigorate your workout but matching your music tastes to other artists and genres, taking into account the BPM and energy levels required. No two workouts are the same, and now no two playlists will be the same.

Spotify as a music player is already great, but Spotify as an app platform is an exciting frontier. Apps such as Pitchfork where you can read reviews and then create playlists there are then are a natural extension of the idea of streaming music and hopefully can carry over onto the Spotify mobile platform.

Check out the app below