Take your career search up a gear

Whether you’re a new graduate looking to get your foot on the job ladder, currently out of work or seeking a change in direction, the opportunities for seeking employment have never been so varied! No longer do you need to thumb through the tatty classifieds in the weekly free newspaper hoping to stumble upon the job of your dreams. Of course, websites and online services listing the latest live vacancies have been around for donkeys, but let’s meet the new class of tools geared to helping you kick-start your new career.


The difference is App-arent

You don’t have to prise yourself away from your trusty smartphone or iPhone to give your job hunt 100% commitment. With these new job-hunting apps, you’ve already got the phone in your hand ready for when the calls start coming in!

Just in time to catch the tail-end of the university clearing process, this free international jobs board has launched on the Android and iPhone platforms with more than 3,500 employment opportunities in universities, research institutions and commercial organisations.

Oil and Gas job search

There’s no need to stick to more crude ways of job hunting. Refine your search with this niche but popular jobseeker site. It launched for iPhone last month, is now available on the Android platform and an iPad version will complete the set in coming weeks.

Sabeo IT jobs

There can be no better way to find an IT job than on the web! Sabeo has just launched this app for IT professionals on iPhone and Android so you can double up the search on your smartphone too. Technology job seekers can interact with this recruiter and apply direct from their mobile.


Situation vacant?

If you’re a one-man band or small business looking to up your numbers, there are tools out there to ease your recruitment headache too. Sortbox is the latest in a flurry of technology clamouring to help whittle down the waves of applications flooding your desk. It provides a bespoke web page for your vacancy, where applicants can upload their profile, CV and references – keeping all correspondence away from your inbox. You then work through the responses, clicking “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” at the top of each to help you stay on top of your search.

While technology is opening up endless new realms for job seekers and employers alike, and the scope for this to continue is potentially unlimited, it’s clear that these services are only as good as the vacancies on them. But while it’s tempting to stick to tried-and-tested methods, access to content on any 24/7 service could just give you the edge – the question is, how far do you cast your net?