StubHubUK: The eBay of tickets

Do you love the concerts and theatre but sick of events being sold out or the seats were not as close at you thought? Ticket touts do not guarantee their seats and the thought of arriving and being turned away has always put me off. There is now StubHub in the UK that may help. StubHub is the biggest ticket reseller in the US and has been around for 10 years. Essentially it a marketplace for fans to sell their tickets for concerts, theatre and sport events. They are owned by eBay so think of it as eBay for tickets.

Image courtesy of Flickr user d_neeses_pix

Having had the chance to play around with the site and see how it works, it is really interactive and easy to use. You search for what event you want. What I like about the site is you can see the seating layout and you will see how far from the stage you are. You can click on areas on the seating map and it will tell how many seats are available in that area. Click on a specific seat and you get the price and further details. What is important here is all the tickets are guaranteed. StubHub verify the ticket so that you can rest assured your seat is waiting for you.

Perhaps you have a ticket but can no longer to an event? StubHub makes it easy for you to sell your tickets. There will soon a shop in London where tickets can be dropped off by the seller and picked up the buyer so you do not need to wait for tickets to be sent by snailmail. Also it is the seller that makes the price not StubHub. Looking at the prices for some of the events, they are extortionate but that is the seller deciding it. So ask yourself, how much do want to go?

There is an iPad App to for browsing on the go but it does not have the interactive map in the app. Upcoming events include JLS for all the screaming girls, Drake and the incredible Emeli Sande. You can see all the upcoming events online at