iBGStar: Blood glucose monitoring on your iPhone

I had no idea 2.9 million people had Diabetes in the UK and on top of that there are a further 850,000 undiagnosed cases. Diabetes can be difficult to monitor and keep under control. So to help, Sanofi  has launched the first blood glucose monitor that connects seamlessly to the iPhone. The potential effects of Diabetes include heart attack, stroke, heart disease and blindness so not one to be taken lightly. The iBGStar could not have come at a better time for the modern iGeneration. Research shows that people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who regularly self-monitor their blood glucose levels can achieve better glycaemic control. It can be very difficult to maintain and the iBGStar aims to make it easier to self-monitor and gain control.


The iBGStar is the smallest blood glucose monitor on the market and simply plugs in to the bottom of the iPhone. It is designed for ease and simplicity with hypo and hyper alerts and only a small blood sample is needed. It comes with a free Diabetes Manager App and it stores, tracks and analyses information. What I liked best is the ease that you can share the information. You can email your results to your health professional. If you are parent and you want to monitor your child while you are work or if they go on a school trip, they can email you the results. The app is very useful as you can add notes to readings. Perhaps if you ate something you should not have, you can add a note so you know why the reading was high. The app colour codes high and low results so you can see easily how are doing on the graph or on a table.

Taking a reading is also very easy. Even if you are not great with technology, it could not be easier. All you have to do to plug in the iBGStar, open the app, insert test strip, obtain blood sample by lancing and put test strip on blood sample. Six seconds later you have your result. You can also take a reading without the iPhone and when you next plug it in to the iPhone it will update the results.

Looking at the design, it has very sleek look and is very small compared to its competitors. It comes in a case with everything you need inside including lancing devices, test strips, control solution and all the cables you need. So you do not need to worry about losing it, just keep hold of the case.

To go with the surge in demand for smartphones, there has been a rise in iHealth products and apps to go with smartphones that help people as we have become more health conscious. I think the iBGStar is a much-needed welcome addition to the market. iBGStar is available in Boots for £48. Not everyone has an iPhone so there is also the BGStar which is a more traditional blood glucose monitor.