5 Anti-Insomnia Apps

According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, 25% of the British population suffer from some form of sleep disorder that results in excessive daytime tiredness. With a quarter of the UK in a zombie-like stupor during the day due to severe sleep deprivation, it is no wonder electronic companies and app creators are ‘cashing in’ on our collective condition. If you are in the sleep destitute sector of our nation then check out the following five apps designed to aid a better night’s kip.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Tambako the Jaguar

Pzizz Sleep

Claiming to ‘cure insomnia’ is a bold statement by an app creator or anyone for that matter, and is the reason, apparently, for the pzizz sleep’s hefty $9.99 price tag. For just under $10 insomniacs will be kept in a ‘deep state of sleep throughout the night’ thanks to a range of built-in scientific techniques, including neurolinguistic programming and binaural beats – In simpler terms, more than one billion soundtrack combinations designed to aid sleep!

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

I often doubt the integrity of so-called ‘self-help’ experts and with the Sean Connery-esque voice of ‘self-help expert’ Andrew Johnson gently easing you into a more relaxed state, I can’t help but feel that, at $2.99 a download, our sleep connoisseur is on to a bit of a get rich quick scam. Although despite my scepticism, with its soothing instructions and breathing and relaxation techniques, this app has been ranked as being a valued part of one’s bedtime routine.

The Reverie Dream Sleep System

Now this one delves much deeper into our collective unconscious than simply being a mere app as Reverie, innovators in the luxury bedding industry, showcased two concept beds for the Reverie Dream Sleep System with Made for iPad and iPhone technology at this year’s World Market in Las Vegas. What has been dubbed as a ‘continuation of Reverie’s technological revolution’ is the rollout of a new remote control designed to control the Reverie Deluxe Luxury Bed.

Simply download the Reverie control app onto an iPad or iPhone and your device will be miraculously transformed into a remote control for the Reverie Sleep System. Using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, users can control the functions of the Sleep System such as positioning the bed into Anti-Snore and programmable memory positions. On top of controlling the bed, the sleep deprived can use their iPad or iPhone to turn their bedroom into some kind of sleep den by switching off appliances, where an annoying glow of a power standby light could be preventing one from falling asleep.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Now this one sounds great if you are into analysing your own sleep patterns and has a much more attractive download price of just $0.99! Simply place your iPhone under your pillow and the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app will monitor your sleep cycle and wake you when you’re in your lightest sleeping phase – It has to be said that there may be something in this as there’s nothing to make you feel quite as groggy and grumpy than being woken from a deep sleep!


Having soothing sounds on in the background is meant to help babies fall asleep so why shouldn’t it help adults? eSleep offers a variety of sounds and enables users to combine and play up to three sounds simultaneously. Personally, I prefer to have the window open and listen to the natural sound of the wind rustling in the trees, although for just $0.99, I suppose it’s worth a try.