PowerDVD 12 Ultra: CyberLink goes mobile

It’s all about mobile nowadays, and even PowerDVD is in on the act. The multi-purpose media playback software is now in its 12 iteration, boasting two killer mobile features: PowerDVD Mobile and PowerDVD Remote.

The PowerDVD Mobile app lets users play, share and wirelessly stream their videos, music and photos from their PCs to portable devices – be it Android (mobile or tablet) or iOS (iPad or iPhone).


The PowerDVD Remote app turns your mobile into a high-end remote control, be it Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and high-definition videos as well as the music and photo playback features on your computer.

Both apps come free with PowerDVD 12 Ultra, which has a whole bunch of other new playback features. Blu-ray comes as standard, but it also upscales DVDs, and displays videos or photos. The Cyberlink guys have also optimised CPU/GPU hardware acceleration for smoother playback, and added an ultra-fast Instant Seek to jump to where you want to go as soon as possible.

There’s also the 3D features that every player is cramming in nowadays, converting 2D movies and photos into 3D. This also includes Blu-ray, which is a first, although we assume this is as average as most 2D-to-3D conversion.

Smart Sync allows users to set rules for syncing the PowerDVD media library to Android devices automatically; including optimisations to fit your device’s resolution and playback quality. If you’re unsure, PowerDVD 12 can automatically choose the best fit video format for your mobile devices.

PowerDVD also allows you to watch social content, including YouTube videos and Facebook and Flickr photos. The software’s TrueTheater setting makes viewing pictures a better, more theatrical experience, which is much better than checking a Facebook gallery.

For audiophiles, the software delivers 7.1 channel surround sound audio from DTS and Dolby, as well as new lossless audio format support for OGG and FLAC files.

PowerDVD 12 Ultra will set you back £79.99 which includes the Mobile and Remote apps. For people who get the Pro and Standard versions, you’ll need to pay £3.99 for Remote and a huge £14.59 for Mobile.