Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor review

Serious about staying in shape? Then you’ll need data and lots of it. It’s hard enough to exercise (believe me I struggle with it on a daily basis) but it’s even harder to make each workout really count. It’s deceptively simple to think that breaking a sweat on the treadmill entitles you to a post run donut. It’s even easier to think that your work out was harder than it really was. If only there was some sort of Wireless Pulse Monitor to strap on my arm as I struggled through my fitness regime.


Fortunately my very specific prayers have been answered with the Scosche MyTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor, a high-tech way to jazz up your workout and keep you in control your fitness. A tad smaller than one of those new-fangled iPod nanos, the Scosche MyTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor straps to your arm with velco and connects to your iOS device by the magic of Bluetooth. One you sync the two it should prompt you to download the free Scosche myTREK app that will track your workouts and monitor your performance.

The app has gotten pretty dire feedback on iTunes for constantly crashing and having “the wrong calander” but the app I used (running the latest version of iOS) had absolutely no issues.From within the app you can select a type of workout and a playlist and you can control musical playback and volume using the buttons on the Pulse Monitor. Sadly it doesn’t play nicely with other audio apps, so I’d shift a workout playlist out of Spotify and keep a couple of spare podcasts in iTunes rather than Instacast if that’s your thing (it’s my thing).

One you’re strapped in the myTREK will automatically calibrate itself and calculate your pulse then provide a visual representation to mirror your activity. It’s fun leave it on during a Michael Bay action movie to see if you drop down to sedate levels or if you blood actually boils at the thought of what he did to Transformers.

The myTREK also features built in GPS so you can check the distance you’ve run (if you’re outdoors obviously) and see how many calories a 10 minute jaunt around the park really knocks off. Audio prompts provide real-time feedback and you have up to 5 hours of workout time thanks to the lithium-ion battery. And if you don’t want to carry your iPhone on you as you hop from spot to spot it has a working range of up to 33ft – handy if you’re doing circuits.

The Scosche myTREK is available from Apple UK for £129.95.