CATIA Natural Sketch gives digital sketching a whole new dimension

They say many of the cutting edge products we use today began as simple sketches or doodles on a pad. Just ask any automotive designer about it and the first thing they’ll tell you is they always sketch out an idea first. So, it makes sense in our digital world, to utilise the power of computers to replicate sketching doesn’t it?


Up to now though there has been a distinct void between artistic two dimensional sketching software and the seriously heavy duty three dimensional modelling software used in the construction or automotive industry for example. There are also drawbacks to starting an idea in 2D and realising it is perhaps not feasible after all when it is converted to a 3D model. All that time and mental energy wasted.

CATIA Natural Sketch however, is a breakthrough three dimensional sketching program which finally combines the intuitiveness of a creative artist’s two dimensional painting skills with the power of accurate and realistic three dimensional modelling.  The possibilities for skilled users are endless and the cost savings in time and effort are likely to be significant.

Developed and produced by Paris based Dassault Systèmes, a highly respected name in the developing 3D software market, CATIA Natural Sketch has already received plaudits from both artists and engineers alike. Pauline Deltour, a Product Designer remarked: “Discovering the new CATIA for Creative Designers solution was very fascinating as it enabled me to literally draw in 3D.  It offers a direct translation of the idea I have in mind into the 3D world and takes care of all the uncomfortable steps of the process.”

Quite frankly, any product that is offering an opportunity to save time and costs without compromising on quality and imagination will be seen as a potential life saver in any form of industry.