iBike Coach. More power to your pedals.

There’s one thing you can honestly say about pedal bikers, they’re a hardy lot. What with having to put up with dodging unobservant car drivers, dealing with bad weather, punctures, the odd tumble and a sore rear not to mention the expense of buying a bike in the first place. You have to ask yourself, is it all really worth it? Clearly it is, if you believe the ever increasing bike population stats, so its all down to fitness I suppose. There seemed precious little technology could do for them apart from making bikes lighter. That was until Velacomp developed the iBike Dash last year, a dedicated bike computer that logged your distance, time, heart rate and temperature and gave you GPS routings and everything.


Following on from this they’ve released the iBike Coach a software app upgrade for the iPhone 4 and 3 which works in conjunction with the IBike Dash offering enhanced tutorials, easier set up, more colourful screens and music control.

The iBike app update now includes an ‘always on’ feature which allows you to continue to monitor your data even when the IBike app is not running via the iBike Dash electronics. The two applications then simply synchronise when the Bike app powers up and your data gap harmony is restored.

John Hamann, CEO of Velocomp, says, “Cyclists naturally expect that their cycling computer information will always be correct and accurate. And iPhone and iPod touch users naturally expect to have full access to all of their apps, whenever they want. With our new ‘Always On’ technology, both of these critical expectations are met”.

iBike Coach includes a water and shock resistant case that works with any iPhone and a universal mount that securely attaches the case to any bike. It also includes 6 months free membership to www.strava.com and online social fitness site that lets cyclists all over the world log, share, compare and compete with each other’s personal
fitness data.

iBike Coach $69.95