myTREK Pulse Monitor: A heartbeat away from fitness.

Let’s face it; your pulse is a very important part of your daily body function. After all, without one we wouldn’t be very alive would we?  Whilst your heart and pulse are doing their  things correctly, you tend to forget about them and concentrate on other pressing matters in your life, but when it comes to exercise and in particular gym work or outdoor activity like mountain walking or trekking, well that’s a different matter altogether.


For those in the know, a chest strap monitor has up to now, been the product of choice to keep tabs on what going on in the heart department but now phone app specialists Scosche have released a monitor that pairs with your iPhone via a free app, to let you track your pulse and calorie count as well as calculating distance, speed and pace when you’re out running, walking or just generally exercising in the gym.

The myTREK is a device that attaches to your forearm and using two combined LEDs and a photo sensor, monitors the changes in your blood pressure and measures your pulse rate.  There’s also a nice touch where a male or female voice gives you up to the minute updates on how you’re doing and presumably warns you of any impending demise!  Then, after your exercise, your work outs are stored and viewed in the app’s calendar so you can see whether or not that gym session the day after the late night party was really worth the effort.

Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries points out  “We are thrilled with the end result of the myTREK and its accompanying app.  Users now have the ability to track their activity, train when it suits them and monitor progress, all at the tip of their fingers.  It’s lightweight and bulk free, we hope users benefit from this gadget during their everyday activities”.

The myTREK monitor is £125.99