Silhouette iMirror app: Taking vanity to new heights!

Choosing a pair of glasses that suit your face can be an arduous task. It is also a task that, more often than not, is not given the amount of time and patience we would like to devote to it through fear of looking vain and taking up too much of an optician’s time at a local Spec Savers. Although these days of buying a pair of glasses on a rushed whim could be a spectacle-wearers affliction of the past, thanks to the Silhouette iMirror app.


Created by the leading eyewear brand Silhouette, users will have the luxury of choosing as many new models from the Silhouette range of rimless glasses and sunglasses as they desire. The glasses will then ‘appear’ on the user’s face via the internal camera on an iPad2 or iPhone4, so they can check out how well suited a particular model of glasses is to his or her face. Although, I’m not just talking a 2D image of the potential glasses, I am talking the ability to move, rotate and turn with amazing 3D clarity at a pair of imitation glasses on your face!

If studying your possibly soon-to-be new glasses as you smile, wink or look studious at your iPhone’s integrated camera isn’t enough to convince you whether or not a pair of specs will do your face physical justice, you can even take a screenshot of you ‘wearing’ the specs and send it to friends and family via your iPad or iPhone, in order to get their opinion – For heaven’s sake it’s only a pair of glasses!

The highly innovative Silhouette iMirror app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for free.