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Fancy contributing towards Cliff Richard’s 71st birthday present, or coughing up 200 quid towards a beach holiday for Julia Roberts? No, me neither.

These are some of the gift pages set up at And while no one has felt the need to dig deep for these multimillionaires, the site does have a very useful purpose.


When I got married, we thought we’d got the wedding gift list sorted. Like lots of couples, we actually had most of the things we needed so we didn’t really need lots of little things.

What we really wanted were the bigger things that we couldn’t really afford ourselves, so I suggested that everyone just buy us John Lewis vouchers – however, as I should well know by now, families never listen (and we had the added complication of family members from outside the UK who had never heard of John Lewis), and we ended up with a load of vouchers from all kinds of shops.
If only Justine Angelli had been around all those years ago, she would have had that lot sorted in an instant.

Justine is the brains behind, which is a combination of gift list and social networking site.

The idea is that all contributions to a gift are pooled into a central resource until the fund is reached. It means that you can put in as little or as much as you can afford, and friends and family from around the world can all take part.

Once the correct total is reached, gifts can be bought from the site’s affiliate partners, or transferred as cash to be used elsewhere.

Justine Angelli said: “In this economic era, people are tired of waste. Instead of giving a token gift a recipient may not like, Shareagift allows groups of people to easily pool their hard-earned cash and put it towards that one great gift a person really does want. It’s the most simple, fun and secure way for people to share the cost of any gift, of any kind, from anywhere in the world.”

One person has to organise the initial page, and then the site does the rest – it even sends out automatic reminders as the deadline approaches. Anyone who has tried to organise a large group of people into buying a gift, and has had to call or email them to remind them to pay by a certain date, or indeed has ended up forking out the money first and then having to get it back from the rest of the group, will be really glad to see a site like this put into action.

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