Ebooker’s Hotel iPad app: No more chancing your chocolates

Long gone are the days when travellers and backpackers, unsure of where the next hotel might be, precariously ‘chanced their chocolates’ in entering a dark, dingy and eerie-looking inn down some alleyway in Outer Mongolia to get their head down for the night.  Thanks to ebooker’s new Hotel iPad app, for travellers on the go, locating a hotel couldn’t be faster or easier.


Exploiting the iPad’s GPS capabilities, the iPad Hotel app locates nearby hotels, or alternatively, travellers can find a nearby hotel by punching in the city, town, postcard or even a landmark close to where they want to spend the night.

Asides from finding users a nearby hotel, ebookers’ new app provides thousands of hotel reviews that are organised by their distance and region, star rating, price and review score. These comprehensive reviews, which include descriptions of the rooms and amenities, provide information on special offers, and include some ‘guest’ reviews, are backed up by photographs, giving travellers a visual opinion of the hotel they are anticipating spending the night in, as well as a written one.

With the phenomenal popularity of online travel agents such as ebookers, which is delivering ‘4.5-star apps’, designed to help travellers to “book easier an travel happier”, it’s a surprise that high street travel agents are still in existence.

Ebooker’s Hotels app for iPad certainly sounds like a fast, reliable, convenient and streamlined method of planning your hotel destinations whilst on your travels. Personally I think that using such a modern, safe and ‘predictable’ way to find places to crash out for the night, takes some of the fun away of the whole travelling/backpacking experience.

The ebookers Hotels app for the iPad can be downloaded for free at the Apple iPad App Store and is available in six different languages – Happy travelling!