3M Screen protection

Technology company 3M has got a new technology ready to make you feel like James Bond – a screen protector. Sure, it’s nothing out of Q’s lab – but these give you super-resistant, privacy-increasing films that are easy to apply.


Fresh from 3M’s MISD – Mobile Interactive Solutions Division – the range comes in two lines – one that reduces the viewing angle to prevent prying eyes – and another that reduces glare from the sun, making it easier to read the phone in bright daylight.

Both screens have been designed to allow all of the brightness of the iPhone to pass through them, so you won’t lose any quality by increasing your security.

3M boasts that both screens can take all kind of knocks, including a phone’s arch rivals: pocket change and keys. In fact, according to this video, they’re even cat-proof:

The special films are available for either iPhones or tablet computers in pre-cut shapes. You can also purchase generic versions, which can be cut to fit any phone/tablet-sized device.

The surfaces also come with anti-soiling protection, which reduces fingerprints and oily marks left on the device. Sweet.

We tried out the scratch protection quality and – as dubious as we were dropping keys onto our iPhones – the screens did their job. The privacy filter is also pretty great – no-one on the underground had any idea of the kind of filth we were looking at.