ON VoiceFeed: Visual Group iPhone Voicemail

ON VoiceFeed, the visual, group-customising voicemail service for the iPhone has just gone social. Before the update, the app brought visual voicemail to your iPhone and let you set personalised answer phone messages for different people. Now, it integrates Twitter and Facebook to offer an even more useful service.


If you’ve never used ON VoiceFeed before, here’s a quick run-down of the service. After an easy (but slightly strange) install, the app takes charge of your voicemail – for free. It’ll save your voicemail into sequential order, saving the name of the contact that called you with the message in-app. It’s exactly like the visual voicemail promised by Apple, but which only reached O2 users.

The app goes a step further, however, by adding in voicemail groupings. After separating your contacts into separate groups (three groups on the free version), you can then create a unique greeting for each group.

Either record a message yourself, or type in a quick update – “In a meeting, back in 30” – and the app will read your note to them, in a computer voice of your choosing. There are three free English voices to choose from, with three more available to buy (£0.69). You’ll also find French and Spanish options.

The new social update allows you to enter a Status VoiceTag into your read-out messages, so your latest Tweet or status update can drop into your greeting message. You’ll also be able to add in a Locaisation VoiceTag, which will read out your current address, city or country in the voicemail message. This location updates whenever you boot-up the app.

ON Voicefeed can also receive your contacts Facebook and Twitter messages, using Twitter’s location updates to let you know where your pals are.

While the basic package is free, a year’s subscription (featuring unlimited personalised greeting messages) will set you back £5.99.