Become a ‘Waze hero’ with the “Facebook for Drivers!”

Now this new app actually roused my attention although I am not sure why it is being marketed as “The new Facebook for drivers”. When you are cruising along at 80 mph down the motorway, happily calculating what time you will arrive at your destination, the one thing that puts a dampener on your plans are the depressing sight of a queue of brake lights ahead whereby all you can do is slow down and join them. “Why didn’t we come off at that last exit”, you cry to your equally exasperated passenger, “If only we’d known about this delay!” Enter the ‘Waze’, a new and free navigational app where drivers get to avoid traffic by joining local ‘Waze’ driving communities.


This 100% user-generated app allows users to passively share real-time traffic information with other ‘Wazers” so that the driving community has an active role in sharing live traffic information about queues, hazards and accidents with other drivers – ah, so that’s why it is being marketed as the “Facebook for drivers”, because it is essentially as social networking site for drivers.

So why not just listen to the highly annoying local radio ‘travel updates’ that rudely interrupt you and rivet your attention back to the road whilst you listen to your favourite track? Well I don’t know about you but I find these radio ‘travel updates’ to not only be annoying for their ‘interrupting’ tendencies, but have an even more annoying habit of warning you of a delay on the road when you are already in it.

‘Wazers’, on the other hand, will have the ‘upper hand’ on local travel information and not only this but the Waze app is designed to be fun, allowing drivers to win prizes and top the ladder board by sharing information and validating roads. On second thoughts perhaps this app is a little ‘sad’, it should have just stuck to enabling drivers to share vital and useful information with other drivers without patronising us to become ‘Waze heroes!’

The new version of the Android app also features a commuting widget, which uses both live information and historical data to tell users when best to take their chosen journey and enables expected time of arrival and journey length to be displayed in real-time from the phone’s main screen.

Check it out here