Wacom Paper and Bamboo Stylus review

We like tablets over here at Latest Gadgets and love poking, swiping and pinch-zooming our grubby little fingers over their shiny surfaces. Touchscreen technology, whilst eons old, has hit the mainstream. Almost any screen I come across now I instinctively reach out to touch it and increasingly, the screen responds. However, magical as touch-screens are (and they are a bit magic) they aren’t always the perfect input device, no matter what Steve would have you believe (I have a BlueTooth keyboard for my iPad, when I want to do some proper writing … like right now). And I’m not great at doodling with my finger.


Enter Wacom, the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets and the Bamboo Stylus, Wacom’s pen designed specifically for the Apple® iPad®, and winner at this year’s Plus X Awards this year (in the ‘high quality’ and ‘ease of use’ categories). We had a quick play with the Bamboo Stylus and the Wacom Paper app at the Gadget Show this year. At the time the app was a beta, so was a little rough around the edges but the Stylus was easily the best we’d played with today.

Why? Subtle design elements, such as a sophisticated black and silver design with satin-textured metal body, ergonomic comfort and balanced weighting give the pen a premium feel. I’ve used rival products that feel like a stick with a bit of rubber attached on the end so it’s nice to work with something with an attention to build quality. In addition, the fine tip gives detail control when scribbling away in Sketchbook, Brushes or Wacom’s own Bamboo Paper.

Bamboo Paper lets you create virtual notebooks for the iPad and allows notes and sketches to be shared visually, easily stored and archived for use at a later date. It features different cover colours, paper types (blank, lines and squares) and pen thickness. Besides being a digital notebook, Bamboo Paper can also be connected to a projector, becoming a visual presentation tool to share notes or drawings with colleagues. Originally £1.19, Wacom permanently reduced the price to £0.00, although they will introduce paid add-ons in the future.

Bamboo Stylus is priced at £24.99. More info here.