Script It!: Budget screenwriting software

Do you have unfulfilled dreams of creating the next Twilight or True Blood? If so leave this review now, throw away all your pens and pencils and let us never speak of this again. If however, you are hoping to write something sensible for the stage, screen (big or small) then read on.


“Script It!” is a new software packaged aimed at the first time writer learning the craft of screenwriting, without the cash to splash out on big ticket items such as Final Draft (which if you don’t know is like the Photoshop of screenwriting software). It helps you plan and organize your story, and uses the simple technique of step-outlining to build your story scene by scene. The intuitive design helps you to build and navigate your outline, script and notes step by step through an AV remote-style console.

Script It! has a powerful Scratch Pad which allows you to easily organize your notes and categorize them into folders. The handy ‘Send to Scratch Pad’ menu option you can create an instant copy of selected text in your Scratch Pad for future reference or use. The ‘Tab and Enter’ keyboards shortcuts and auto completes allow you to focus on your story and characters.

As countless LA producers will tell you, formatting is crucial. If you script isn’t laid out in the classic style (Courier font and all) it will be binned. Frustrating though this is, Script It! features industry standard script formatting with auto-pagination and auto-complete and a script writing glossary with over 250 filmmaking terms and definitions. In keeping with the theme of helping you out on your journey to becoming a screenwriter, Script It! includes scene by scene story and analysis of Ghost, Spider-man and Scream so you can take apart some classics … or create a bizarre hybrid of all three. There’s even a Character Name Wizard with over 140,000 first and last names that can be categorized by origin, gender and meaning.

Priced around £49.95, Script It! is available to download immediately from and in boxed formats from