Blurb iOS app: Share your stories in an instant


One of the great things about all this technology we have at our fingertips is that we can share instantly with friends and family – maybe post up some pictures from a party, or share a video of a family event with relatives who couldn’t make it.

But sometimes all that uploading and fiddling about can be a bit of a pain. Enter Blurb, a mobile app that allows you to gather all your images, video and audio into one ‘story’, which can be posted on to your Facebook or Twitter account, emailed and put up on the Blurb site (you can choose to make your story private or public), all at the tap of a screen.

Blurb is best known for its book making service, which allows users to create and print their own books online. The makers have taken this one step forward into the online mobile arena with the advent of Blurb Mobile.

The app is really quick and simple to use – you choose to create a story, type in the title and you’re off. You can upload images from your existing library, or choose to take a still shot or video and automatically add that.

Then you can edit them – cropping, rotating, scaling and so on, and arrange them in the order you want – all really easy thanks to drag and drop. It is also possible to add geotagging, so the story can be linked to a map location.

Once you’re done, you can choose to add voice and text captions, and opt for one of seven colour themes (in the free app – more are available if you pay for the full version of the app).

What really impressed me about Blurb is its simplicity. One of the reasons I fail to put up images onto Facebook is that I never seem to have time to download images from my camera and the longer I leave it, the more of a mammoth task it becomes. Something like Blurb, which works quickly and easily, is a great advantage and I can envisage users getting really into ‘reportage’ mode and uploading stories every day.

The app is available for free for the iPhone, while an upgrade to the full version with extra functions is £1.19.

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