Viator app makes finding something to do around the world a breeze.

It used to be great fun being a tourist. I have many fond memories of being in some dark and distant city pouring over a map in a local bar trying to work out where I was and where on earth I was going to find the attraction I was looking for. The simple drama of wandering down a narrow twisty cobbled street toward somewhere equally cobbled and twisty, hoping that maybe, I just might be on the route I needed, has always been highly intoxicating for me.


Now sadly, all that fun is a thing of the past. Viator, one of the foremost bookers of tours and activities around the world, has launched customised iPhone and iPod  free apps that will offer inspiration and tools to help travellers find, explore and book nearly 9,000 activities in over 175 different countries.

The apps will offer last-minute availability, new paperless e-vouchers and exclusive deals in five different currencies, so you’ll never be short of finding something wherever you may be.

The apps will cater for all tastes, so whether you fancy an afterhour’s tour of The Vatican or getting married in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, you’ll be able to find it now.

The iPhone app is for people on the go, finding where you are through the built in GPS and offering up local tours and activities together with user experience feedback and any potential discounts on offer.

The iPad app on the other hand is a more comprehensive application that will be your never-out-of-date guide book of the best experiences in the world’s top100 cities accessed via a rotating 3D globe and checking availability in real time.

Barrie Seidenberg, president and CEO of Viator Inc remarks:

“Today’s travellers are more self-directed and less reliant on concierges and out-of-date guidebooks than in the past and our apps cater to their needs with the added flexibility to find and book tours and activities on the go anytime, anywhere.”