‘Get the edge’ on competitors and fellow spectators with the latest sports apps

As the weather warms up so do the joggers, who are coming out of the woodwork fast and furious, all determined to shed a few pounds before that much anticipated summer holiday. In-conjunction with the warmer weather and increasing number of joggers seen pounding the streets, is the escalating number of sports apps being produced. Given their surge in popularity, our sport-loving readers may appreciate being informed about three of the more inventive sports apps currently available.

Image courtesy of Flickr user MShades

The Fun Run Trainer app

Now let’s be honest treadmills are painfully boring. Recognising this fact are the creators of the Fun Run Trainer app, which enables runners to execute their training runs virtually anywhere in the world, with virtual being the operative word.

Users are represented by a cursor and placed almost anywhere in the world, via a Google Earth satellite map. Runners can then carry out their run on courses such as the Katy Trail, Missouri’s most famous run, or the Champs-Elysees in Paris, to make their run on the treadmill infinitely more enjoyable. The app can also be used as a serious training aid, as, by providing users with 200 complete international race courses, runners can complete their training on the course, as distinct advantage over their competitors.

To transform your treadmill training session, or to ‘get the edge’ on competitors, the Fun Run Trainer app, can be downloaded for free here

Tiger Woods: My Swing

He might not be able to keep his pecker in his pants, but you have to admit it, Tiger Woods is a great golfer. For any budding golfer looking to improve their swing, the Tiger Woods: My Swing app may prove an invaluable tool. A series of videos and instructions by Mr Woods himself are designed to help golfers of all abilities improve their game. Talking about his legendary app, the golfing maestro said:

“I believe practise and analysis are the keys to improving your game. The app also includes all the tools necessary to analyse and break down your swing, and best of all you don’t need another set of eyes or expensive equipment to do it.”

Although hoping the Tiger Woods: My Swing app could be downloaded for free, would be expecting a little too much from the ‘first reported athlete to become a billionaire’, as this golfing tool can be downloaded for $9.99

Formula One 2011

Now this one might be cheating a little, as it’s not really meant for those participating in the sport, but really for those who follow it. Nonetheless, following on from the success of last year’s 2010 app, has revamped its app so it now enables motor racing enthusiasts to keep on top of what is going on the world of Formula One. As well as providing result listings and fixture dates, users are provided with straight line speeds, text commentary, and a circuit data screen which shows up-to-the-minute air and track temperatures, humidity levels, air pressure, rainfall and wind speed and direction.

If your love for Formula One borders on the obsessive, this comprehensive app will be the ideal companion whilst watching the race and can be downloaded here: