Bwin: iPhone poker

With over 130,000 apps on the iPhone, you’d be hard pressed to find a first anything – everything has been done before. Everything, that is, except a poker app where you bet real money against real players. Luckily for gamblers – especially those who need to mobilise their hobby – that market gap is now filled. Enter Bwin.


The Bwin poker app lets users sign-in with their online Bwin account, use their Bwin credit and play Bwin poker, around a virtual table with other poker aficionados. The app is pretty simple: you can sign-in with your account, change your settings, watch a tutorial, play a few test rounds (against online opposition) or get stuck in to the real thing.

The game itself has all of the typical options you’d find in a Texas Hold’Em game. Bet, check, call, see, raise and fold have all successfully transferred to the small screen. The only real-world option that didn’t make it is to look at your opponents cards while they’re in the bathroom.

You bet and “credits” – the in-game currency. This can be bought using real-world cash, and converted back when you’ve earned enough dosh. It comes out of your Bwin account, so make sure you’re well-funded to keep playing. You can convert more Bwin money into poker credits at any time.

The online game is fast, responsive and exciting – as long as you have an internet connection. Drop your signal and you won’t even get the satisfaction of throwing your chips across the table. You’re out, and your credits are gone – forever. Be warned.

The money-free option gives you the whole poker experience – but without the money. We reckon that it’s a great way to get accustomed to the interface, but if you’re practicing your poker at this stage, you probably shouldn’t be playing for cash at all.

Sometimes this demo mode can suffer from a lack of players – we’ve spent around five minutes waiting for someone to come to our table, and then we played alone for the next quarter of an hour.

Anyone worried about providing their credit card information to an iPhone app shouldn’t be too worried. The company behind the app, Bwin, are already established as a reputable online bookie service. This means your money should be relatively safe (bar your own poker-incompetence) in their servers.

The other benefit is that having credit in your Bwin account means that you can watch a huge range of live sports from their web portal – with around 1500 matches a month. Sure, some of these are bowls, but everyone has their hobbyhorse.

All-in, it’s simple to use, attractive and doesn’t tend to crash – just keep an eye on your network connection. For those who like to engage in a bit of online poker action, Bwin’s poker app has raised the ante with its mobile play, without fold on features. Our opinion? Maybe something else will come down the river, but for now, it’s definitely the best bet for poker-on-the-go.