Samsonite’s new app clocks up the miles

Here’s a thought. Instead of just idly staring out of a window on your next trip thinking about all the things you could be doing instead of just sitting staring out of the window, you could be calculating what goodies you’ve earned as each mile passes by.


Samsonite knows a thing or two about luggage. After all, it’s been producing high quality suitcases since 1910 following the gold rush, when many Americans travelling west to make their fortunes needed some pretty hard wearing cases in the rough conditions they were facing. It was the first company to put wheels on cases and the first to develop polypropylene hard cases.

Now it’s created another first. A free iPhone and Android app for its European, Russian, Turkish and South African customers which monitors the number of miles you travel and converts them into gifts when you purchase a Samsonite product online. As well as keeping a track of where you’ve been and what you used to get there via land air and sea icons, the app also provides handy baggage restriction details for most airlines and syncs with social media letting you share travel experiences and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

App users automatically become members of Samsonite’s Travel Club and every time you share your trips online, you win even more Samsonite Miles to swap for travel gadget or two.

Lisa Jermy, Marketing Manager at Samsonite UK, commented: “The first-ever Samsonite Travel Miles app is not only practical, but rewards people the more miles they cover; another great excuse to visit far-flung destinations.”

As an example reaching 100,000 travel miles (which also  includes air travel) would qualify you for a handy excursion bag.

Samsonite produces some of the most durable high quality cases on the market and if you’re a frequent traveller, this new app might find you a goody or two.