Could we7 be the new radio star?

If you like a steady stream of new music, but can’t afford to keep paying for downloads, a new music service could be just the thing for you. And because it works on your mobile, and works even if you haven’t got internet access, we7 will be ideal both for those on pay-as-you go or limited data allowances, or just anyone who has a long commute on a train line that has rubbish 3G signals.

Image courtesy of Flickr user jinxmcc

we7 is a new mobile music service that works by ‘charging’ up your handset with music. Apparently it makes use of “innovative buffering and caching mechanisms” so that it can store tunes ready for when you’re out of reach of a 3G or wireless signal.Steve Purdham, CEO of we7, explains:

“Mobile signals are unreliable for radio streaming but with the new we7 App you can still ‘use it if you lose it’ – continuing to listen to your favourite music radio stations, regardless of connection.”

The radio service is free to use (hooray!) There are a number of themed radio ‘stations’ drawing from more than seven million songs – so you should find something you like.

If you want to have more control over songs, albums and playlist, you can choose a paid-for service, which costs £9.99 and is rather like Spotify. You may wonder why you’d use this instead, as Spotify has a mobile version – but we7 has the added bonus of being able to stream sounds to you even without internet access.

You can download the free app, which is currently in beta form, from the Android Marketplace. iPhone users will get their turn in April, as will anyone with an iTouch or iPad. BlackBerry users and anyone with a Windows 7 handset will have to wait until later in the year.