TwitReview: It’s rude to eat and tweet at the same time. Or is it?

Seeing a man chow down on his cheese and herb pizza and take out his BlackBerry to use Twitter might be about to become normality after details of a new unique restaurant review website emerged.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user rainydayknitter

TwitReview, which begins with a private beta launch in March before a full public unveiling later, spins on the idea that up-to-date restaurant reviews are indeed the best reviews. Out of date reviews are the scourge of any keen restaurant goer and they may, of course, lead to someone innocently picking the curry when they really, really shouldn’t have.

The service requires users to tweet reviews with an OWLi – a code unique to a particular participating restaurant or café – and a TwitReview hashtag. After the review has been filed, users can search on the website for recent reviews of the eatery – or, if you’re the head chef, check up on what people really think of your mussels.

One of TwitReview’s more redeeming features is its multimedia possibilities. Similar to how the every day man can indulge in a bit of citizen journalism via amateur photos and videos, Joe Bloggs will now be able to partake in citizen restaurant reviewing – meaning pictures and videos can accompany the text. And with strong multimedia functionality, the mind wanders with regards to other avenues TwitReview could explore. Retail reviews, or live music reviews, could be possibilities.

Its obvious drawback however – and one shared with most Twitter activities in general – is the 140 character limit. How are you supposed to wax lyrical about that sirloin steak in such a tight word limit? It’s a conundrum we’ll only really be able to work out when the service fully launches to the public later this year, but the signs are looking good for TwitReview. Bon Appetite, they say.

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