Parago home contents insurance iPhone app

Hey let’s talk about home contents insurance! Did you just fall asleep? I know I did. Yet as a pulled myself back to consciousness, draped over my MacBook Air, I realised that protecting my svelte over-priced laptop from thieving hands was probably a good idea.


That’s where Parago come in. Whilst there are conventional means to insure your valuables, I’m unlikely to use them and mediating a dull task via an app is a sure-fire way to get geeks interested.

On average, every household is unwittingly under-insured by 30 per cent on their home contents policy, with the majority discovering the shortfall only when they make an insurance claim; at which point it is too late to rectify.  Furthermore, over 90 per cent could not make an accurate claim in the event of a major loss. Of course this is using data supplied by Parago, who clearly have a vested interest in you insuring your property – but to be fair there are lots of things in a house that you simply overlook – and insurance is always a tedious and complicated business. is simple to use, and can be accessed via a PC and/or Apple iPhone/iPod touch. 90 per cent of the asset discovery and recording process can be done whilst on the move.  The application enables you create to a virtual image of your home and add contents to each room with the aid of asset icons. You can then take high resolution pictures of all your assets (including audio equipment, home furnishings, jewellery, children’s toys, artwork and clothing) and attach these to the asset icon.

You can also store photographs of receipts, invoices and certificates against each asset. Accessing your account via a PC will enable you to add more data to each asset should you not be able to locate any paperwork. helps you record every asset at its true value, ensuring you have all the information needed for a fast-track claim.

Parago also helps you to insure typically neglected items. When I thought about what needed insuring, my mind went to my computer, consoles, TVs and related media (like my film collection). It never occurred to me to insure my clothes (the average UK wardrobe is worth £10,000 and my Scud the Disposable Assassin T-Shirts are priceless), my kitchen goods (like my oven, washing machine or fridge) or even my carpet. Parago is especially good at focusing your mind on these items, and wandering your house snapping pics of everything you possess is a strange experience but one that probably needed doing.

The Parago app is £4.99 and the online tool costs £2 per month.