Work Rights iPhone app review

Two and a half million unemployed. More redundancies to come. Families going hungry. Don’t worry – there’s an app for that. Work Rights is an iPhone app that has been designed by barristers to help ensure employers are treating their staff right – and that no-one is wrongly dismissed.


The app is basically a tool to help workers identify employment rights relevant to their situation. You chose the big button labelled “Start” to begin, and then there’s a simple questionnaire full of tick-box or Yes-or-No questions.

It works like a question-based consultation, with the app taking over the role of an expensive solicitor. You’ll be asked questions surrounding issues such as unfair redundancy, dismissal or harassment or discrimination in the workplace. The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes.

While answering questions is as easy as tapping the screen, understanding them can be a little more difficult. Fortunately, the app includes a technical glossary for giving precise meanings for work rights-based jargon. From the definition of “Employee” to “Constructively Dismissed”, the range of definitions is quite broad.

After completing the questionnaire, the app helps identify whether or not a claim can be made. If so, it’ll present the user with the information that identifies the key components of that claim.  It’ll also offer compensation and damages information, which, if we’re honest, was our favourite bit.

Users can then use this information to fill out a claim form at a Citizens Advice Bureau – without the help of a £500/hour lawyer.

If you’re not interested in going through the consultation, the app is still pretty useful as a jargon-buster. It only takes one tap to open the technical dictionary inside the app – it’s right on the front page. From there, a whole world of definitions are at your fingertips.

It’s got all five-star reviews at iTunes (although there have only been two), and it’s also free, which is nice.