iPhone Apps for good food

Are you a Come Dine With Me fan? Do you love hosting dinners? I always think I can do better and tell everyone how I would make the dish more delicious. Take the hassle out of hosting with the Come Dine With app as it offers menu options and a Hardys wine which complement your choice of dish.


The Come Dine With Me app will please fans of the show as it provides sophisticated three course meal suggestions and it will give you a shopping list to ensure you have all the ingredients. Perhaps you need a wine to go with a cheese dish? The app can pair the dish you make with a Hardys wine to go with it so you can be a wine connoisseur for the night. For a bit of fun, the app provides some quotes from Dave Lamb, narrator of Come Dine With Me so you really feel part of the show. Once the dinner is over, guests can score your meal so you experience everything the hosts go through. Available on the iTunes store from £1.79.

There are times when you cannot get to the supermarket and the cupboard looks a bit dire. To help the busy consumer, Canned Food UK and celeb chef, James Martin provide the u.can cook app with free recipes using canned foods. The app has over 80 quick recipes for you to search from, including some videos from James Martin himself. For the adventurous among you, there is a random recipe generator.  The app aims to highlight the versatility, nutrition and convenience of canned foods. You can choose a recipe based on what you have in the kitchen and you can even see all the nutritional information. Canned food does not need to be unhealthy. Why not have some canned fruit? Available now in iTunes here.

Two very different cooking apps. So do they whet your app-etite?