Collapse HD iPad review

When the Collapse HD PR people emailed and asked if I’d like to test their new iPad app I was a little skeptical. I was sure it’s a great puzzle game in its own right, but I have such fond memories of playing Tetris on my GameBoy (yes I’m old – I’m nostalgically listening to chiptunes whilst writing this) that I didn’t think I’d have much time for a relatively new (compared with 1984 at least) competitor for my the casual puzzle game time.


Then I fired up the app one night before bed (hitting the quick play option) and was instantly hooked. The colour-matching fun was surprisingly simple to get to grips with and had an enjoyably addictive quality.

Collapse HD sees you take on the heroic challenge of freeing and restoring beautiful lands from strange invaders … which matters as much as Tetris’s plot about fending off barbarian tetrominoes.. or something along those lines. The core premise is simply align coloured blocks and tap them once they reach a certain number. You can build various combos for more points (and obviously for kudos) and there is of course a dazzling array of powerups, upgrades and badges. And Collapse is integrated with Game Centre so you can compare yourself against friends (fun) and Internet People (pointless … you can’t win against Internet People).

Once you delve a bit deeper beyond the quick play there are lots of varied takes on the basic Collapse formula – with Classic, Strategy and a double game board mode. You also get the chance to go up against mighty enemies like Blockzilla, Block Widow and Blocktopus. But sadly not Aesop Rock’s producer Blockhead.

Collapse HD is in the app store now for £2.99. I’ll spare you a joke about there being a line around the block.