HomeFree Duet: Freeview comes to your iPad

AverMedia has come up with the bright idea of a network-attached TV tuner and an app that enable iPad fondlers to watch Freeview TV on their tablet devices.


The HomeFree Duet connects t your digital TV aerial and wireless network router. Then it can stream real-time digital TV to IPads, as well as Windows laptops and PCs. Using the HomeFree player app, available from Apple’s App Store, users can watch all the freely available digital stations. And because the Home Free Duet has two TV tuners, it is possible for two people to watch different channels on two different iPads or computers.

The HomeFree player has a touchscreen interface, allowing you to see channel and programme details as well as an electronic programme guide. To change channels, just tap and drag on the iPad display. You can even grab screenshots of anything you’re watching, to share with mates or upload onto social networking sites.

The HomeFree Duet will be on sale for £149.99 from Amazon in December. The HomeFree player app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store from the middle of December for £2.99.

And if you feel like your whole home is being overtaken by gadgetry (and yet don’t want to stop adding to it), the good news is that the HomeFree Duet is no hulking behemoth, but is, in fact, smaller than your iPad.

More details from Aver Media.