drone delivering a package

Using Drones Is Not All Fun And Games

For many people, the thought of a drone will bring about ideas of young people getting a small flying device for Christmas, using it to film their house from above or to fly around the living room terrorising grandma. Those that have watched recent films from the likes of Michael Bay will soon have realised

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Electricity Demand Soars With AI & Crypto

In the film The Terminator, a cybernetic assassin, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is sent back from 2029 to 1984 in order to kill Sarah Connor because her as yet unborn son will save humanity from an extinction brought about by an Artificial Intelligence called Skynet. When people discuss AI in the modern world, it is

ai image rights illustration

The Rise of AI And Image Rights Issues

When conversations about Artificial Intelligence come up, it doesn’t take long before someone starts to talk about Terminator and the rise of Skynet. Whilst that is obviously a gross exaggeration of the position that we find ourselves in, it is a slight insight into how many people feel about the technology. The problems that we’re

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‘X’ A dumb Name Or Masterclass Twitter Re-brand?

Is Elon Musk the world’s stupidest billionaire? There is certainly an argument to make on that front, with the Tesla owner having taken over one of the most recognisable brands in the world only to remove from it the things that made it so recognisable. What he chose to do to Twitter is akin to