The Navigon 70 Easy and 70 Plus Live – Coupling driving with relaxation?

I have never really been a fan of sat navs, finding them slightly patronising and off-putting and preferring to follow my own route with a good, old-fashioned map. Although I have to admit, how advanced has the world become when a machine can tell you when you need to start indicating to change lane in busy traffic? This “Active Lane Assistance”, which provides safe assistance when the traffic starts to get hectic, is just one of the many features of Navigon’s two new products – The Navigon 70 Easy and the Navigon 70 Plus Live.


These two new additions expand Navigon’s 70-series family of large five-inch display screens designed to making route calculation easier than ever. Talking about the extended product range, Jorn Watzke, Executive Vice President of Product Line Management said:“With the extra variety in this product class, we are making it easier for our customers to find the right large-screen device for them.”

Both the 70 Easy and 70 Plus Live are neat, stylish devices but with large, realistic screens, which can provide you with a wealth of animated driving information if you require it. As well as the arguably patronising “Active Lane Assistance” – what’s wrong with just looking in your mirrors? – both sat navs include “Navigation My Best POI”, “Navigation MyRoutes” and “Reality View Pro”. By simply clicking on the “One Click Menu”, drivers are able to see their three favourite POIs, by clicking anywhere on the display. In addition to this mammon of highly sophisticated route reading technology, users can import their own destination via the Fresh-Software, which can be arranged in individually named groups.

The Navigon 70 Plus Live is marginally superior to its younger brother, the Navigon 70 Easy, in the sense that includes five Live Services for twelve months. These Live services include, “Weather Live”, “Google Local Search”, “Clever Parking Live”, “Mobile Safety Camera Live” and the improved “Traffic Live”, which provides users with information about motorways hold-ups, as well as obstructions on main roads and even country lanes. The 70 Plus Live even has a “Navigon Sightseeing” feature, which informs travellers of points of interest on their route.

If you are not “au fait” with all this sat nav terminology – and we assume that readers of Latest Gadgets are up to date with the latest techie lingo – the Navigon 70 Easy and Navigon 70 Plus Live, simply put, are designed to make driving a whole lot more relaxed – Being this relaxed will cost you though, £119.99 and £199.99 correspondingly.