Ford Focus Cam

Everyone knows that cars have some kind of electronics in them. Ford, however, has decided that we need to pay more attention to them. Especially considering the new Ford Focus has more features than a new BMW.

To publicise their technological prowess, the company has created the Focus Cam, hitting Hyde Park for your amusement on Saturday (for one week) as part of the UEFA Champions’ League festival.


The Focus Cam is a unique way for people to have their photo taken – or rather, forty ways. You see, the Focus Cam is actually forty cameras (Nikon D300s, if you’re curious) strapped to a high-tech array and focussed on one point.

It uses the 40 cameras to take 40 pictures of you at the exact same time, at 40 different, rotated angles. The system then straps the images together and creates a rotating freeze-frame video that looks like the camera is moving around your frozen image – think Neo in the Matrix.

Starting on Saturday you – or a group of your friends – can head to Hyde Park, stand in shot, pull an action pose and be recorded, seemingly frozen in time.

Ford representatives will then give you a card telling you where to find your video on their website, so you can log-on and watch it online. You’ll also be able to post it to your Facebook wall, tweet it or – for those of us stuck in the 90s – e-mail it to a friend.

If you want instant gratification, staff will be on-hand to show your video instantly on an iPad, or you can use a wi-fi hotspot (installed inside a Ford Focus) to check on your smartphone. Cool.

The reason for the Focus Cam is to point out just how much technology goes inside Ford products. For instance, their auto-parking system uses sensors around the car to detect parking spaces, and then physically control your steering for your parallel park.

You’ll still have to control acceleration and breaking, but the computer takes care of any wheel-based action. We got to give it a try, and it’s unreal how good it is.

Parking assist comes as a £529 addition on the standard Focus price.