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Auto & Bike

Reviews and news from the latest in car and bike technology as well as sat-navs and related accessories.


Morpher: The World’s first fold flat cycle helmet

The Morpher is a new innovation in portable cycling helmet technology. Would a bicycle helmet that you can fold flat persuade you to wear one? Inventor Jeff Woolf is hoping…


Top 5 Car Stereos

It’s a rite of passage for any first-time driver to upgrade their car stereo, and with the proliferation of mp3s, streaming services and smartphones there’s never been a better time…


Top 5 Car Related Gadgets

What do you do if your car is a bit, well …old? You can buy the latest fancy gadget and totally keep up with the Jones’s next door without having…


Wahoo RFLKT: Second Screening on Two Wheels

I’m an avid cyclist, so I’m constantly on the look out for great tech that can make my life better. We even published a handy guide. So I was delighted…


Top 5 Cycling Gadgets

Cycling has been in the news a lot lately, with the trialling of Dutch-style segregated roundabouts appearing alongside less positive stories about fatal road accidents. However, technology is playing a…


Garmin nuvi Satnavs: Getting Real Behind the Wheel

100 years ago Rolls Royce cleaned up at the Alpenfahrt Rally through the Austrian Alps, taking the first three places. Enthusiasts will be celebrating the centenary with another mountain rally,…


Carrot Car Insurance: Driving Costs Down for Kids

First timer drivers face a Herculean task when it comes to getting insured on their first car. At the moment the Bank of Mum and Dad is the easiest way…


Connected Car: Glympse Partners with BMW and Mini for Location Sharing

BMW hasn’t pushed it smartphone app integration as much as its competitors like Ford or GM, but at last week’s New York motor show the German car manufacturer announced new…


SuperTooth HD Voice: Hands on the Wheel

On December 3, 2003, the UK government made it a criminal offence for motorists to drive a car whilst talking on a mobile phone. Since then no company has really…


A2B Launch 6 New eBikes: “A Journey Redefined”

I’m an avid cyclist. It’s my favourite way to traverse the capital and I can often been seen zipping in and out between cars, on a fixie, with a courier…


Geneva Motorshow: Best In-Car Entertainment Systems

It’s the Geneva Motorshow this week and rather than bore you with power-to-weight ratios and torque figures of the new cars, we thought we’d round up some of the best…


Accel’s Voyager: Connected Car Smartphone Technology

Considering integrated GPS and mobile telephony has been around for many years now, we all have something we use in our cars for hands free communications or navigation, via either…


Magellan SmartGPS: Map to the future

There’s GPS and then there’s GPS. And then passed that and at the next right is Megellan SmartGPS, a device that integrates social, local and mobile content, including Yelp and…


Road test: TomTom Via 135 voice controlled sat-nav

After years of being told what to do by our sat-navs, it’s time to talk back. The new TomTom Via 135 comes with ‘Speak & Go’ functionality. This enables you…


Mio Spirit 695 LM and 697LM: Free map upgrades for life

There’s no getting around the fact that Navman and Tom Tom have dominated the satellite navigation market for some time now, mainly because they have consistently managed to improve their…

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