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Viewsonic launches revamped PJD5 projectors

By Andy Mossack,

A lightweight, high clarity projector is a vital tool for anyone in the world of sales, marketing or teaching. It can bring a presentation to…


Viewsonic VPD31 3D box

By Andrew Rafter,

3D is a subject that splits opinion more so than the shady goings on in Roswell, New Mexico in the 50s. When viewed at a…


Samsung Galaxy Tab review roundup

By Jack Ratcliffe,

There are now two quality tablets on the market – the ageing iPad and the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The Galaxy is smaller, lighter and…


The best of IFA – part 1

By Andrew Rafter,

IFA 2010 is done and dusted, so thought we would give you a 2-part low down on what has caught our eye, including the world’s…