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ViewSonic VP2780-4K – a strong display at a reasonable price?

Whether you call it 4K or Ultra HD, the next generation of monitors is still too pricey for most consumers. However, for professional use ViewSonic’s new VP2780-4K looks to be a…


ViewSonic’s ViewPad 10e: Value-conscious tablet computing

Recently announced by ViewSonic is a the ViewPad 10e. Powered by Android technology and boosting a range of advanced features to ensure you are at your most productive wherever you…


ViewSonic’s V3D245 3D monitor literally leaps out on to the market.

Its all well and good being the proud owner of the latest 3D ready technology, but none of it will be much good without shelling out for the extra hardware…


Viewsonic launches revamped PJD5 projectors

A lightweight, high clarity projector is a vital tool for anyone in the world of sales, marketing or teaching. It can bring a presentation to life, but equally, if it’s…


Viewsonic VPD31 3D box

3D is a subject that splits opinion more so than the shady goings on in Roswell, New Mexico in the 50s. When viewed at a cinema, and most importantly, on…


ViewSonic 3DV5: Your own 3D movies – for £150

The price of 3D goodies plummets ever lower with the release of Viewsonic’s latest 3D camcorder. Ease of use is the order of the day for the ViewSonic 3DV5, which…


Samsung Galaxy Tab review roundup

There are now two quality tablets on the market – the ageing iPad and the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The Galaxy is smaller, lighter and faster, but does that make…


The best of IFA – part 1

IFA 2010 is done and dusted, so thought we would give you a 2-part low down on what has caught our eye, including the world’s first 3D camcorder from Panasonic,…


ViewSonic’s all-in-one MovieBook VPD400 media player

An entertainment gadget that does everything. Who wouldn’t want that? With music, films, books and even HD to its name, the ViewSonic MovieBook VPD400 is an all-in-one standalone portable media…