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Via.Me: The Social Media App that Does it All

Via.me, a new social publishing platform from developers RadiumOne, launched on March 1st. The app enables you to publish content to different social media accounts, without having to log in…


Tweetfields – Home of the ‘hottest’ festival news and yet more proof of the middle class colonisation of music festivals

Combine the words Tweetminster and Creamfields and what do you get? A rather boring and predictable anagram of the two enterprises – ‘Tweetfields’. This is, nonetheless, the name Tweetminster and…


Competwition: Twitter FTW

If you like free stuff, Competwition should be bookmarked in your browser. If you’re a small business looking to run prize draws on Twitter, Competwition may be the only app…


TwitReview: It’s rude to eat and tweet at the same time. Or is it?

Seeing a man chow down on his cheese and herb pizza and take out his BlackBerry to use Twitter might be about to become normality after details of a new…


MySpace and Facebook team-up: Flogging a dead horse?

It might be akin to flogging a dead horse, but the more eagle-eyed social networking fans out there may have noticed that MySpace has had a bit of a facelift…


T-Mobile Vibe Mobile – Simple, cheap and social media friendly

Following the success of the T-Mobile Vairy Touch series, ZTE have announced the launch of the T-Mobile Vibe. Part of the Vairy Touch series popularity was because they provided a…


TWIG: Twitter towel, Boiling Frog survivalist apps, One For All PS3 remote

The Week in Gadgets Looking for an ethical gift for your hip social media loving friends? The people behind History Pin and I am NOT a Plastic Bag have brought…


TWIG: Sony s750 WALKMAN and Theory Test iPhone app

The Week in Gadgets As ever, it was a busy week in the gadget world with the quietly brilliant team at HTC unleashing a slew of new European handsets at…


Push the button – Packard Bell’s social networking M-series laptops

Every now and then someone advertises a use of social networking that makes you cringe. Usually, it’s politicians trying to “reach the youth”. And usually, you’d expect better from technology…


MFlow – where iTunes and Twitter meet

MFlow is a new music sharing service due to launch on the 15th April. Billed as ‘iTunes meets Twitter’, the service allows users to share music they like using ‘flows’….

Tweetbox? Twitter, Facebook, Zune & Last.fm on Xbox

Just completed that awfully tedious and awkward mission in Grand Theft Auto? Well, you can now tweet about it straight from your Xbox 360, let your Facebook friends know and…